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R lens image thread.

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By member request, I am starting an R lens image thread, open to all. Just one rule: the photograph must be taken with an R lens, any camera body may be used. Both film and digital images are welcome. Please limit commentary to the images posted; There are other threads for other discussions.

Please add relevant data. Please observe the image rules: Maximum pixel size 1280 on the longest side and JPG compression to 500 KB, sponsoring members 1000 KB.

Go ahead, R enthusiasts.




R Vario-Elmar 105-280 on Leica CL, Leica M adapter, Novoflex LEM-LER adapter.



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Now I've posted at least one image for every R lens I own. 


Elmarit-R 1:2.8/28mm

Elmarit-R 1:2.8/35mm

Summicron-R 1:2/50mm ROM

Macro-Elmarit-R 1:2.8/60mm ROM

Summilux-R 1:1.4/80mm

Elmarit-R 1:2.8/180mm

Vario-Elmar-R 1:4/35-70 Macro

Vario-Elmar-R 1:4/80-200

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Atl puffin. SL + 280-R APO f4. Handheld, f 4.5, 1/1000 s, ISO 1600.


What a shot!  Even with a 7DII and 300 2.8 (a few years back) I couldn't catch one of these darting little critters in flight.


Super capture!

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