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Leica CL/TL2 and TL Firmware Update with Improvements, New Features and Bug Fixes

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No contest - I know that - you started about increments

Incremental, partial updates are more significant with OS and app software. But just because the firmware update is essentially a whole block load of the operating code doesn't mean that there are significant improvements in the incremental releases that might affect a future install process.


However, for sure everyone should do what they're comfortable with. I updated my iPad and iPhone apps this morning ... there were newly revised versions of 22 apps since last week, including one to the beta test hosting software for all the beta tests I'm involved with (about seven at this moment). Everything installed without a hitch, two of my most used apps show slight improvement in memory use and one that had an annoying but mostly inconsequential bug now works more smoothly. There were also three new beta test app revisions to install, and the new revisions are working better than the older ones did.


The Leica CL v2.x firmware's one button lock/unlock capability is extremely handy when I'm walking around with the camera. It solves the "I accidentally locked the EV Compensation dial" problem I was having because of how the camera fits in my hand when I'm walking.


Life is good.

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I had my Leica T model upgraded yesterday by Leica Mayfair. It seems to be quicker now, maybe my imagination. I did try my Visoflex viewfinder on their TL2 , and wow, the focusing clarity looked just as if I was holding an SLR to my face. So true to virtual reality. Something is delivered, and they always want better. My point is by comparison to my T and Visoflex, the TL2 delivers. I manual focus a lot. Incidentally, I tried a Summilux 35mm 1.4, and it was so heavy by comparison to my 18-56mm, my left hand had to cup the lens, and I felt I needed an extra stop on the shutter speed to offset camera shake hand holding. Having said that, light transmission is intriguing, and the (virtual) image displacement within the two dimensional plane really is startling. 

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