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I'd like to share with you another of my special China Cultural/Photographic Expedition photo-diaries:  

“The Best of Inner Mongolia Expedition” -  



Back from this 2016 July expedition, I thought I did not have enough good snapshots to form a photo-diary like most time I would do... so did not make it.  Although some of our expedition participants have been urging me to make the photo-diary for their record review... Only till in the last week that decided to sit down have it done as a record...  


After all the vast grazing land in the eastern part of the Inner Mongolia, the northwestern China region's ritual celebration event, the amazing beauty of the desert in the western Inner Mongolia still running through my mind (although could not document well with those simple snapshots with a D-Lux5 pocket camera, but here I could not show you my film-slides shot with the M7...) 

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