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Replacement scanner for dead V700 Epson?

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So my epson V700 Pro has just died. The top lid lamp no longer works. I could repair it but it is now a few generations behind the current Epson scanners.

Does anyone have experience with the V800 or V850 Pros, or any alternative suggestions? I have a Coolscan 5000 but I often need a flatbed scanner, including for MF film.



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I have a V800, Mark. It works fine. I don't think there's much difference from the V700. I also have a Plustek 120, which does a might fine job on 135 / 120.

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I'm using an old Epson 4870, so am envious of even your clapped out V700. I'd be fixing it to be honest.

Like Eoin, I have Plustek too, but again older, smaller, it's an 8100.

Like most, Epson for M/F and Plustek for 35mm, although I do "proof" my entire 35mm roll with the flatbed.

The newer models I understand have LED, so don't make you wait while the "lamp warms up" Once mine dies, I'm in upgrade mode as well.

Logic would suggest the later models, V800/850 are "better", but if the repair on your V700 is not excessive, it's what I'd be doing.


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