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About straps and grips


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I've tested several strap and grip combinations for carrying the Q around in shooting-ready mode:


- the neck strap which comes with the camera

- Leica grip and neck strap

- Gordy's sling attached to either the tripod mount or the side slug and worn diagonally across body

- Gordy's wrist strap only attached to the side slug

- Thumbs Up grip with neck strap

- Leica grip and Thumbs Up simultaneously with neck strap



but for me the best solution has been the Gordy's wrist strap attached to the tripod mount in combination with the Thumbs Up -grip.


With this combination I can hang the camera vertically when walking and the strap is tight enough so I can raise the camera to horizontal, or on eye level, instantly, with one hand without having to change the hand position at all.


Maybe this is useful to some of you


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Olli, welcome.


Like many owners, I find the supplied neck strap ideal. It leaves both hands free which is an important consideration. If necessary, it can also double as a wrist strap for short periods. I do like to keep my right hand free from permanent commitments when engaged with photography.

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I too use a Gordy's wrist strap except I have it lug mounted and have a bumper on the strap. I keep the Q in a small Think Tank bag (Sub Urban Disquise 5) and find it to be a great walkaround kit. I have a thumbs Up as well and a small handgrip on the Leica Proterctor case.

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I’ve tried many neck straps and wrist straps. Its such a personal preference decision. I only use a wrist strap on my Canon 5D3 which often has long lenses mounted. Its also often used on a tripod or monopod. For the Q, I most like the Arte di Mano 125cm leather strap. So simple, elegant and functional. I mostly use it around my neck or over a shoulder, but occasionally I wrap it around my wrist. I wholeheartedly recommend the Thumbs Up on the Q. It makes gripping it so much more solid.

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It is very personal.

I have Gordy's wrist strap, Leica handgrip, Leica finger loop, and thumbs up all installed on my Q, but if I had to rank them in terms of comfort and feeling of secure, I find the handgrip with the finger loop the most essential, followed by the wrist strap and Thumb's up.

It is also very camera dependent - I find Gordy's wrist strap absolutely essential on my Canon 5Dmk2, and also on my D-Lux 109.

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