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Lovely.  I assume they'll reinstall the steering wheel.


That's the dummy steering wheel. They slap it on the steering column when they are towing the car around the track, between garages and pits, etc.


The active electronic steering wheel is in Conor Daly's hands, with the man trying to help get it on straight. You can just barely see the side of Conor's helmet in the picture (the flourescent yellow stripe).


Conor is a local boy, about 25, who used to race karts against my nephew when they were both in their teens. He's the son of Irishman Derek Daly, who raced in F1 for awhile many moons ago. He's a good kid, wish him all the luck in the world this year.

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Update: Conor qualified successfully for the Indy 500 next Sunday. 


Congrats to my Noblesville neighbor.

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