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M4-P Wetzlar

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Hello everybody!


It's been a while since I've last posted something here. Actually it has been since I bought my first film Leica last year...

At this moment I have the opportunity to buy a M4-P with Summicron 50mm, built in Canada. The lens seems pretty clear to me what it is and what the value is, but the camera on the other hand... Assuming my search work is right, it is a late M4-P, built in Germany, with the M6 finder. It's in mint condition. The lens is a little worn, but both have had a CLA recently.


Could you guys help me any further on the pricing for this set, and also if the M6 finder M4-P is rare or not?


All info is welcome!!



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This is the page you want




for the M4-P to M6 crossover.


There are a couple of variations, all start with the M6 style windows, some later ones have the M6 single flash sync socket, some even later have the M6 plastic strap guards. Basically it is an M6 without a meter. Mine has all the M6 signature parts, and I paid more than a good condition M4-P but not much more, only a few pounds. It is a rare camera with an interesting story but not rare enough to make it a proper collectors piece. Often you can see them on eBay and the sellers don't know it's any different from a normal M4-P. I can only speak for my own camera but this M4-P is the smoothest sweetest Leica M I have ever had, M3 and all, and far more so than an M6.

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