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You'll hardly notice the difference in workflow in most post-processing programs, including Lightroom. You have a few more options and your interface won't change much, but your results will be better - a lot-, especially for shots that need a bit more than minor basic work. The  number of clicks is about the same, the time needed too. It does pay off, though, to spend some time studying a few basic books or Internet videos.

I find JPG more difficult than DNG to work on - it tends to give the images an "over-processed" look if you are not careful, and you run into things like posterisation and harsh transitions much sooner.



Thank you for the info.   Up to now, all images on my photo-diaries (eg. the most recent one 2018 April "From Shangri-La along the Mekong-river to Laos Cultural/Photographic Expedition" photo-diary:


http://photoart.chebucto.org/photos-folder/2018Apr_LanCang-Mekong-river_PhotoDiary.pdf )   are cellphone shots or with a old Leica D-Lux 3, later changed to a D-Lux 5... therefore no RAW... also thought with the low images quality in the D-Luxs, there was little sense to use the "RAW"... so that was also in JPG.   Although am thinking to replace to a current D-Lux, for better reliability on a trip... compared with a much used electronic little point/shoot camera.    A CL would be a much more "serious" digital camera to me, which could be a time to learn a bit of the use of DNG/RAW files...?

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