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D.Lux 6 still worth buying?

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Is the d-Lux 6 a camera worth trying out nowadays, or am I better off just getting a Panasonic LX10 instead?


Looking for a pocketable carry camera.

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I like the D-Lux 6 even nowadays - I use it together with the EVF. The diameter of the lens is small,

it is often possible to put it through fences etc. 0r to take pictures from inside of some things,

where a lens with a bigger diameter cannot be put in - which is useful in some situations. But I cannot compare it with the LX 10 - which I do not have.

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Let me jump in here.


First things first - are you planning on shooting mural-sized prints with this camera?


Second, what kind of price range is the particular camera you're looking at in? Is it new? Second-hand? Remember that in places like eBay or others, the "deal of the Century", can't-pass-this-up chance occurs, oh, maybe once every three to siz weeks, on the outside... :-)


Thirdly I'm pretty sure that the brand sticker means something to us Leica-philes. What does it mean to you? Typically the JPEG processing on the Leica variant of the Panasonic-manufactured camera is different. Currently, for instance, I'm running two Leica 114's and an FZ1000, the Panasonic variant, and we're shooting video at 1080p. The lenses seem identical and the video is very similar - similar enough not to have to color correct between the three cameras. Stills photos in RAW same deal. However, I much prefer the high quality JPEGs straight out of the Leicas as compared to those out of the Panasonic. 


Is this just my preference? Probably. I was a pro photographer a long time ago and had the run of all brands of cameras. Stuck with Leica for the image quality, and Nikon for gigs around the planet (simply because the lenses, parts, etc., were much easier to come by when on the road). Still have Nikon lenses and Leica lenses, as a matter of fact.


So. If you're going up to 8x10 with the very occasional 11x14 print, then 10MP is more than enough. I'm sure you've read through Ken Rockwell's and other people's sites about that subject. Basically, it's how you use the camera (starting off with bringing it with you everywhere, and actually having that camera ready to go when the opportunity presents itself) that's more a factor than the spec of the camera. Those things are much more useful to two main groups of people - a) people who make and sell cameras, and

people who buy cameras. Notice that group c), people who actually use their cameras, isn't included in those two groups.


Yes, I'd go with the D-Lux 6 in a heartbeat if the price is right, especially with the little but mighty EVF.


If you need a larger print, then I'd go with the 114 or something similar. The Type 109 is almost a thousand dollars still, and only gives you 12.8MP over the D-Lux 6's 10MP. Not that great, if you consider a D-Lux is going for between $400 and $500 used, and you can get a 114 used for $700. That's a 20MP camera. Yes, it's not a pocket camera, but even as a pro, the 114 will be the only camera most people who want the Leica look and don't have bags of money to spend would be more than happy with. My better half snagged the first 114 that I bought and instantly staked her claim on it - has shot three highly successful photo books solely with the 114 already, with around a new book every 6 months or so in the pipeline. Only the one camera, no backups, loads of batteries and cards!


Hope this helps. For the longest time I had a D-Lux 6 with EVF and only changed out because my clients wanted to buy the shots coming from that camera -- but weren't happy with the 10MP. Otherwise I'd still have it in my pocket, as always. 

Switched it out for a 109 that kept on giving me problems - grit got stuck in the lens barrel while zooming in and out and with the amount of use it got, it took around 4 months for the grit to jam the zooming mechanism. Swapped it out twice (thanks Leica store) but eventually bit the bullet and switched to the 114. 


That's my story, and only my story. I'm sure there are other people, with their own takes.


All the best!

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D-Lux 6, nach meiner Erfahrung, das universellste All-in-One mit EVF:  

BW 24-75mm f 1,7-f 2,8 / MFT Sensor 4: 3 mit 225 qmm> 16MP / 12MP * Multiformat Pixelgröße / pp 3,7 / Menge Faktor 2,2 / festverbautes Anzeige / Multiformat Sensor nativ 4: 3  


LX 10 ohne EVF:

BW 24-72mm f 1,4 - f 2,8 / 1-Zoll Sony Sensor 3: 2 mit 116qmm / 20 MP / pp 2,4 / Ausschnitt Faktor 2,7 / Variable Anzeige selbsterklärend 


Mit dem LX10, aktuell LX 15, ist sehr klar, andersherum ist die D-Lux 109 mit ihrem Sucher. Die LX10 / 15 hat mehr als MP (16vs20MP), aber auf 1-Zoll-Sensor, Sensorfläche 225qmm vs 116 qmm, sind aus der D-Lux die BQ-Ergebnisse zu erwarten. Ist für meine D-Lux 109 im Vergleich zu 1-Zoll-Sensor Kompakten absolut zutreffend. Eine LX habe ich selbst keine. Kameras ohne EVF sind für mich allesamt raus. 


Entscheidung: EVF - ja / nein / Sensorgröße MFT / 1-Zoll 

Empfehlung: D-Lux 109 * Folgekamera abwarten. (* inkl. 20 MP Sensor, Klappdisplay, weiter verbesserter AF, usw.) 


Sorry die Übersetzungen sind teilweise very bad !!!

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I bought a D-Lux 6 1 month ago and love it , its so portable and the lens is fantastic, really easy to use , and great DOF, and perfect for street scenes.

Theres a few examples on the leicadlux instagram, or on mine at hashtag roddyllewellyn

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