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I agree regarding cheap rarely being as good.  I don't think I'd trust a $10 battery.  The cheap (but not as cheap) Wasabi batteries I bought several years ago have been a disappointment.

On 2/12/2019 at 8:47 AM, LexS said:

I compared both for three months now and see difference.

What difference are you seeing?

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I agree to the posts above, often aftermarket camera batteries fail, don’t hold the charge or don’t work at all. Worse they fail when you need them the most.

Once we were going to a church then to a museum as the last stop of our tour for that day.  My Nikon’s original battery (This was a vacation before I bought the Leica Q) was on its last legs but I was confident as I had an aftermarket spare in my bag. When the I switched to the aftermarket Nikon battery nothing happened, the battery would turn off intermittently, I had to use my iPhone the whole time. I junked that battery eventually. Same goes for an aftermarket for my micro 4/3rds camera. 

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