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New to T - couple of questions!

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Hi all - new to the forum and new to Leica!


Just got an as new Leica T this week and have a couple of bugs I'd like to fix:


Firstly the Leica T app was working fine until i upgraded the firmware to 1.7 - any ideas? won't always connect and when it does cant read the pics from my SD.


Secondly - the strap lugs won't click into place without me putting the pin in - surely should only need the pin when taking the strap out?


Any advice would be great!



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Obviously pin necessary for removal, but not sure if lugs (accessory or on strap) need it for insertion. But does it really matter? Most people prefer other neck/wrist straps and Leica lugs for this (in UK) cost £30.

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I always had issues with the LeicaT app, and still have it with the 1.7 firmware update. I don't use it anymore, just put the sd card in the mac


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      I searched the forums first, I promise 😅 but I can't find any long strap recommendations. I'm a tall guy and like to wear my Q over the shoulder/across the chest down by the hip (if that makes sense). What I'm looking for is anything that's longer than 130cm or 53" so that I can even have the camera like that when wearing a thick jacket.
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      Apologies if this topic is already in the system by me, but for some reason I could not find what I had posted.
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