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City Sickness No. 420

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2014 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo​
M9, 35'cron

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    • By shirubadanieru
      Hi everyone, can't believe it's 2020 already! Here's my first post of the year : ) 
      After shooting digital with the M-D, M10 for a few years I sold all digital cameras in 2019 and shot only film for a year. 
      It was a great experience, and moving forward my Leica M4 will continue to be my main camera. That being said I still felt I wanted a backup digital camera, mostly for B&W since my lab stopped developing it.
      I first thought of getting the M9M, but I'm not a fan of the black chrome finish (plus all my lenses are silver); I found a great deal on the M9P black paint and decided to get it. To be honest, I love it waay, way more than the other M digital cameras that came after it. The M10 is definitely a more robust, higher quality, modern product but for some reason I never bounded with it (I owned all 3 variations, M10, M10P, and M10D)...The M9, on the other hand, makes me feel like carrying it everywhere I go. The colors are great, B&W files look good too, and ISO is similar to film, and I even like the shutter sound ahah.
      Of course I still prefer the colors I get from film, but I'd say the M9 files are the next best thing. So to me, the M9 is definitely worth it in 2020 (and probably still in 2030 unless Leica makes something similar to what they achieved with this camera; I mean...who needs 41mp...just stick with the basics and work on bringing the soul of the M9 back into the new Leica lineup). I'm curious to know what you all think, what's your experience with the M9? Have you used other leicas and came back to the M9? Is it your favorite digital camera, or do you think it ran its course and is an outdated dinosaur?
      Would be great to hear from you, and wish you all a great 2020! 
    • By goatsby
      I have a M9 that shows signs of slight corrosion and I’ve been holding off on sending it in as the corrosion doesn’t show up under normal shooting conditions. I heard on another forum that  that Leica is planning to discontinue replacing sensors for the M9, is this true? I know supplies must be limited but thought I had another year or so to get the sensor done. Has anyone else heard this? 
    • By rinatus
      Die Kamera befindet sich in einem gebrauchten Zustand und ist voll funktionsfähig. Sie war wurde 2015 bei Leica geprüft und gereinigt und in 2018 justiert und generalüberholt. Der Sensor und Lederüberzug sind ebenfalls neu, das Innenleben ist neuwertig. Optisch hat die Kamera Gebrauchspuren (leichte Kratzer, Farbabrieb) an der Ober- & Unterseite. Die Funktion ist aber einwandfrei!
      Die Kamera hat 27.300 Auslösungen.
      Im Kaufpreis enthalten sind Kamera, Kameragurt, Originalverpackung, Rechnung und Nachweise von Leica, 1x Original- und 3x Fremdakkus, zwei Ladegeräte.
      Der Versand erfolgt versichert mit DHL. PayPal ist möglich, allerdings trägt der Käufer die Gebühren.
      Bei Fragen gern mailen.
    • By camalogica
      Hi everybody,
      I’m a computer science engineer who has been working, as a hobby, the last three years in a new, more precise, way of recreating film look with digital cameras.
      I’m posting here for feedback, in case anybody of you would like to test the application (with the M9) and show the results and your opinions.
      I usually shoot film photography but also I like the comfort of digital. The problem is that I’ve never been happy with existing film emulations. Mainly because of that, because they are emulations instead of simulations.

      For doing so, instead of doing a generic conversion for every camera, I’ve done a specialised conversion for the Leica M9 based on simulating the chemical process and spectrum response, instead of applying curves and other stuff.
      In the end, I thought, if analog and digital are just two instruments which capture light, I thought, maybe is there any mathematical conversion to make the digital to look like film?
      I mean, if I take the same photo with analog and digital, under exact same conditions (light / aperture / exposition /…) could I make them look exactly the same?
      It’s based on chemical simulation and the Leica M9’s response to spectrum. Then LUTs and finally some extra calibration. I think that it could be improved because I’ve used home made or open source tools for calibrating and so on, which are far from perfect.
      EXAMPLES (Analog vs Converted Digital)
      Following are some examples of Superia 200 and TriX 400.
      Click in each photo to see high resolution.
      DNGs shoots taken with Leica M9 (left), and FILM shoots taken with Minolta CLE (right) at same conditions (aperture / exposition / ISO).
      All shoots taken with Zeiss Biogon T* ZM 35mm f/2.
      The examples show several photos, which are the following:
      |      original DNG      |                        |
      |      converted DNG     |     scanned FILM       |
      |      developed DNG     |     developed FILM     |
      For the generated simulated negative TIFF file and the scanned TIFF file I’ve applied exactly the same develop parameters.
      TriX 400 - 1
      TriX 400 - 2
      TriX 400 - 3
      Superia 200 - 1
      Superia 200 - 2
      Superia 200 - 3
      Superia 200 - 4
      Superia 200 - 5
      Superia 200 - 6

      Tonal range - Biggest difference between digital and film
      Dynamic range - Digital is faaar more detailed in the blacks, film never gets burnt, meanwhile digital gets burn quite fast.
      Film has more microcontrast, it's more sharpen
      Digital is a little bit more contrast after developing, I imagine it’s because it reach white level faster, then, when doing autolevels with the developing program, as a result, it’s a more contrast image.

      I'm having a console application ready, if interest is shown it will be ready quite soon!
      The program only accept DNG, because I need all the light captured by the camera, instead of a JPG already converted and really dependent on camera self made adjustments.
      The program only accepts photos taken at the ISO of the certain film that is gonna be used. For example, for TriX400 it will accept only Leica M9 DNGs at 400 ISO. I’ve also done tests with ISO 200 and 800, and the results were quite satisfactory but, for complexity reasons, I prefer to let it be native film ISO for the moment.
      Highlights are not always correct, and sometimes they look weird, mainly in color film. This is due to bayer sensor pattern and its different intensity response (for Red, Green and Blue channels).
      Leica M10-D
      Leica M8.2

      Super thanks to the creator of LibRaw, a wonderful C++ library for working with RAW files.
      Any questions I’m open to answer 🙂
      Best regards everybody.
      Tomás AKA “Camalogica”
    • By R6M6
      Ist es heute nicht zehn Jahre her, dass in NY die M9 vorgestellt wurde!
      Meine begeistert mich noch heute durch Form, Funktion und Bildqualität. Sie besitzt den 3. Sensor, allerdings war der Leica Service beim Tausch immer sehr gut.
      Ich hoffe auf weitere zehn Jahre!🤫
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