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Flash SF 64 on non Leica camera

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Hello everyone,


has anyone of you tried to use a SF 64 flash on a non Leica Camera?

I bought it to use on M10, but I'd like to use it also on Fuji or DSRL cameras.

Is it safe to use it this way? Are there voltage issues? Is it risky?


I know that is a rebranded and adapted Metz flash.


Of course I understand that TTL mode won't work on a non Leica camera... but automatic mode will do?










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Automatic mode might work, since all you need it the center "trigger" contact and the shoe's comman contact, BUT, the other contacts on the flash might carry a voltage that might cause damage to the non-Leica camera's circuits.   While it is possible, it is up to you to decide if you want to give it a try.   I don't know if any searching on-line will offer any better answer.

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