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    • By Histon
      Hi. For many years with large format cameras, and also with the Leica iiiG I used to use at work in the 1970's, we always had some focusing charts to use. The other day I was in a church doing a close up in fairly dim light. Every now and then the sun would shine through the window onto my subject. Peak focus on live view helped, though I had to be quick to catch the 10 seconds of sunlight! It took me back to the old focus charts we used to use. Various sizes from A4 (or Foolscap!!) down to postcard size.
      So I went hunting to see what is available now, and found these test sheets supposedly for Canon/Epson printers. I printed some out at postcard-ish and A4 size on my HP printer, and laminated them too. Will be trying them out this weekend.
      Here is where I got them if anyone one would find them useful.
      "Focusing" charts
    • By Howard
      Hello guys, I found that my lecia m4 RF alignment need to adjust. 
      However, when I want to screw the biggest bolt in the mount, I found that I can't screw it.
      It totally fixed. 
      I google a lot of article, but I don't find anyone else has same problem like me.
      AS a result I come here to ask you guys; is there anyone had same problem like me?8

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    • By Stefflaurent
      Hello, actually on a trip in London , m’y m10 rangefinder suddenly stop coupling with my lenses.
      in fact, the little wheel wich get contact with the lens stays blocked on the infini. If I put it in thé right direction I can feel itsabnormaly hard to move.
      what happened ? CAN Ifix it by myself -? Is there a place in London where it could be fixed ?
      thank you for your help 
    • By PARIS-14
      Hello, I want to share with you my last experience with the SL.
      It was the first studio session on location I had, mixing strobes and ambient light, since I purchased the SL. During this session I have had a really hard times trying to focus on some faces during this group & portrait session yesterday!
      I was in a white walls area and the ambient light was rather normal (sunny day). I was shooting with a moderate natural and clear back-light coming from 2 windows. I used 2 strobes on the persons. Most of the time, I was more or less able to focus easily, but on one face it was almost impossible, wherever I set the focus point on the sensor, to focus! I had to add a side continuous light to be able to focus. And even so it was not obvious to achieve it right all the time.😳
      To be honest, I am a little disappointed by the "lack of power" of the AF response. Even my previous DSLR (Nikon D800 & Pentax K1....) were better in low or contrasted lights than the SL. 🤔
      On a more positive side the image quality (especially skin tons) is far better than everything I had in hands before. 🤩
      Has anyone gone through such difficulties and is there a better camera setting to insure better results? Many thanks in advance for your educated advice.  😁
    • By sweh
      Hi there,
      I brought myself finally a Leica Q last week. Its a really nice camera, but I have one issue I dont know if its a bug or a settings problem:
      If I half press the release button, the camera is focusing. I hold the button half pressed down until my subject is ready for the picture. If I press the button fully down (without releasing it), I assume the camera is taking the picure, but what it does is its focusing again and the taking the picture. I have set the mode switch to "S" and AF Mode to "1 point".
      Setting the Zoom button to "AEL/AFL" does not work either. Pressing or holding the button does nothing! With settings to Zoom the button works as expected.
      A reset of the camera settings did not help.
      Am I doing something wrong?
      Kind regards,
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