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chrome-brass versus black aluminium telephoto lenses

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Hi guys,


I'm interested in acquiring a 90mm Elmarit-M for the M10. I will be primarily shooting handheld. 


I was wondering if others had found that heavier chrome-brass versions of telephoto lenses helped reduce motion blur in their images, or did it have the opposite (or negligible) effect? 


Any insights into the use of telephoto lenses (not necessarily 90mm) would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance!



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I've never tried the chrome version (which weighs 150g more than the black according to Leica's spec sheet) but I have no problems handholding the black version and provided you use a viable shutter speed, motion blur is not a problem. I don't really think that the extra inertia added by 150g is going to make any difference.

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I love the 90 Elmarit 2.8 and have one in chrome. It is heavy and probably does add some stability to handheld shooting.  BUT...


if you are lugging it around all day along with other lenses the weight may have the opposite effect and can be tiring.


As a side note: I ordered a 6-Bit bayonet with screw holes (on Ebay from the Chinese dealer who has a goo rep for them) so I could code it and and replace the original bayonet and it never arrived. Something about all the stock being held in US Customs. He did refund the money, however.


The lack of coding is not a huge issue to many but I dislike having the wrong EXIF data in Lightroom. The lens shows as a MATE 28-35-50 on my M10 (the minute you turn off the camera and then turn back on, its code reader moves back from the correct Manual setting to Auto and MATE.)

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