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    • By dietermoellhoff
      Wegen eines Neukaufs biete ich an:
      Leica M9 - schwarz - Sensor getauscht - Belege vorhanden (in 2. Hand) - ca. 11.000 Auslösungen - guter Zustand (kleinere "Mäckchen" am Gehäuse ohne Funktionsbeeinträchtigung)
      Summarit 2:5/50 mm - 2015 neu gekauft - Belege vorhanden - 6-Bit
      Summarit 2:5/35 mm - 2015 neu gekauft- Belege vorhanden - 6 Bit
      Tele-Elmarit M 1:2,8 /90 mm (Germany, Leitz Wetzlar) - gebraucht gekauft - 6-Bit (beim Leica-Service nachgerüstet)
      3 Akkus, Ladegerät, Beutel für die Objektive, Half-Case mit Daumenstütze (Leder, schwarz, Fremdfabrikat). Der Kameragurt im Foto gehört nicht zum Lieferumfang.
      Im Jahr 2015 war die Kamera bei Leica in Wetzlar und wurde durchgesehen, alle Objektive und die Kamera wurden justiert.
      Die Objektive sind leichtgängig, klar und ohne Beläge/Pilz.
      Alles funktioniert einwandfrei. Grundlegende Mängel sind - abgesehen von den sichtbaren Gebrauchsspuren einer regulären Nutzung an Gehäuse und Display  - nicht vorhanden.
      Das Equipment kann gerne in Frankfurt a. M. besichtigt und abgeholt werden.
      Versicherter Versand innerhalb von Deutschland möglich (Kosten trägt der/die Käufer/in).
      Privatverkauf ohne jegliche Gewährleistung und ohne Rückgabe.
      Weitere Fotos können zugesendet werden.
      Preis: € 3.800,00 (VB)
    • By ehecatl
      Whenever I'm in Istanbul, one of my favorite areas to walk around is along the water. Here's a pic from a 2013 visit. Taken from the ferry docks at Eminönü on the Golden Horn, looking out towards Karaköy and Galata Tower. 
      The deets:
      M9 Summicron 40-C (what a great lens)
      Post-processed in Lightroom.

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    • By airV
      1 - Skatepark  (South Bank)

      Leica M9 +  CZ c-sonnar 50mm f/1.5

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    • By ToddSch
      I apologize if this has been answered somewhere before, but I searched the forum (and the web) and cannot seem to find my answer. I purchased a Leica SF24D about a year ago. On arrival, it worked flawlessly in TTL, A, M etc and overall I was pleased.
      It has been a few months since I have used the flash and this past weekend when using the unit, it noticed that it exhibited some behavior that I do not recall existing before. When used in TTL (and with 6 bit coded Leica lenses ) I thought I remember that when changing the F-Stop on the lens, the flash would also show the corresponding f-stop with distance on the LCD display on the flash . When using the flash this past weekend, I noticed that when changing the F-Stop on my lens, the flash was fixed on an f-stop, say 2.4. When I changed my lens from 2.4 to 8, the flash remained on 2.4. Overall, the exposure actually looked correct so it appears that that the flash is working. As a test, I adjusted ISO on camera and the ISO did change on flash. I also changed sync speeds in camera, cleaned contacts on lens, replaced batteries in flash etc. I also manually adjusted flash f-stop when in TTL mode (set flash to F8, then lens to 2.4, 5.6, 8 etc) and the exposures continued to look accurate.
      Am I just remembering the operation of this flash wrong? I thought the flash f-stop would show the corresponding f-stop on lens when in TTL?
      As for A, that is working as expected, same as M.
      Thanks for any insights.
    • By shirubadanieru
      Hi everyone, can't believe it's 2020 already! Here's my first post of the year : ) 
      After shooting digital with the M-D, M10 for a few years I sold all digital cameras in 2019 and shot only film for a year. 
      It was a great experience, and moving forward my Leica M4 will continue to be my main camera. That being said I still felt I wanted a backup digital camera, mostly for B&W since my lab stopped developing it.
      I first thought of getting the M9M, but I'm not a fan of the black chrome finish (plus all my lenses are silver); I found a great deal on the M9P black paint and decided to get it. To be honest, I love it waay, way more than the other M digital cameras that came after it. The M10 is definitely a more robust, higher quality, modern product but for some reason I never bounded with it (I owned all 3 variations, M10, M10P, and M10D)...The M9, on the other hand, makes me feel like carrying it everywhere I go. The colors are great, B&W files look good too, and ISO is similar to film, and I even like the shutter sound ahah.
      Of course I still prefer the colors I get from film, but I'd say the M9 files are the next best thing. So to me, the M9 is definitely worth it in 2020 (and probably still in 2030 unless Leica makes something similar to what they achieved with this camera; I mean...who needs 41mp...just stick with the basics and work on bringing the soul of the M9 back into the new Leica lineup). I'm curious to know what you all think, what's your experience with the M9? Have you used other leicas and came back to the M9? Is it your favorite digital camera, or do you think it ran its course and is an outdated dinosaur?
      Would be great to hear from you, and wish you all a great 2020! 
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