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Michael Geschlecht

Developing T-Max 400 in D-19

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Couldn't say ... I seem to recall that this was an MQ developer that used sodium carbonate, which is pretty active ... compared to borax (which is used in D-76). If I recall correctly, this developer gave high-contrast results and required about five minutes development time. One more thing that comes to mind here ... given the metol/hydroquinone combination paired with sodium carbonate and potassium bromide (restrainer), this might be better suited to larger format films ... unless you are interested in apparent grain.


What are you trying to accomplish with this developer? Just curious.

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My experience with D-19 was for processing film exposed in low contrast situations, including large format aerial film. It was entirely unacceptable for 35mm, ordinary circumstances. I think Ed van der Elsken would like it. Google ed van der elsken sweet life. One of his more temperate images.

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