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Show off your Q!

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I'm hoping to start a single thread of people showing off their Leica Q's to see how others like to carry it, kind of accessories have been added, what to consider and not to consider. So show off your precious Q here!


This is a Silver Q with the Arte Di Mano half case + battery door in Minerva Black, Rock n Roll M10 Limited Edition strap, and Molong tempered glass screen protector.



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    • By Keops
      Hello there. I have been entertaining the idea of buying a half case for my Leica MP. I have mixed views about the half cases for these fine cameras. On one hand I want to protect this valuable piece of delicate machinery from harm as much as I can but on the other hand I don't want an extra layer of thickness while holding the camera which has already perfect dimensions. While I think of the Leicas and the cameras in general which have survived to this day I see a lot of them have some sort of leather case that protected them for all those years. But when I see the cameras of pros that have been brassed beautifully I admire them even more because of those marks. What are your thoughts on this subject? Does a Leica need a protection from harm? Should a black paint Leica brass over time? Will a Leica brass no matter what the intentions of its user? Does a half case make the camera thicker in a way that it affects its usability? Or do half cases make the camera easier to hold? If used with a half case, does black paint Leicas gather an uneven patina? 
    • By bgb
      I purchased a Q end of last year, liked it so much that I sold my Nikon DSLR, Lumix FZ-2500 and Fuji XE-T3. I then purchased the CL with the 18-56mm lens a few months later. Now with adapters to use my Rokinon wide-angles, and 7 Artisan lenses I find myself using the Leica CL way more than the Q.  There's no doubt that the IQ of photos from the Q, a full-frame camera, are better than the Leica CL, t's a fantastic camera and lens with macro capability.. But I'm thinking of selling it add more lenses for the CL (or at least pay it off 😎).   Anyone else face this situation?    BTW, with all that's going on in the world at this time, I'm fully aware that this is no big deal, but it keeps my mind off the other cataclysmic issues  we're experiencing.  All opinions welcome, any recommendation for lenses?...thanks.  I am currently waiting for arrival of the TTArtisan 35mm F1.4 lens to ship.  Be Well everyone.
    • By Holger1
      RESERVIERT Verkaufe gebrauchte Edel-Kompaktkamera Leica Q (Typ 116). Die Kamera hat kaum Gebrauchsspuren. Das Display und das Objektiv sind frei von Kratzern. Sie diente mir als Zweitkamera, kam aber selten zum Einsatz, da ich doch lieber mit meiner SL fotografiere. Zwei original Leica-Akkus sind dabei, sowie ein neuer Tragegurt, ein Ladegerät, die Geli mit dem Metalldeckel der minimale Gebrauchsspuren aufweist. Dies ist ein Privatverkauf- I send only within EU.  
    • By pdandurand
      Is it possible to set up the Leica Q to be used as a webcam for Zoom and other video conferencing meetings? If so, any suggestions on setting it up?
    • By cboy
      Hi all,
      Is the leica Q square lens hood can be used on the leica X? They seem similiar lens size. Has anyone tried? Im wishing to try as i have a leica X typ 113

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