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Digiscoping with a Leica Televid and a non-Leica DSLR

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I'm trying to figure out how to connect an "alien" DSLR body (Nikon or Fuji) to my 82 Televid


I'm in a bit of trouble as regards understanding T-mount philosophy


For me, T-mount is a male therad on lens side and female thread on camera body side.


The Leica ref 42306 adapter is supposed to do that, except (and I'm puzzled at that point) that on the picture of this adapter I can see the televid side (which attach to the televid body) and I am not sure that ther is a male 42MM on the other end of it. It lloks like a female thred instead


Am I missing something? Could  people with some experience of this adapter help?


Thank you in advance for bringing some light on this mater.

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Is the digiscoping 35mm objective the only attchment needed to attached a Nikon camera, is a T2 or similar only required? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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I'm trying to get my head around what you have, and then what you need to make it work.

You have the 82 Televid?

Do you have an adapter? If so, how does it attach to the Televid, and does this include the eyepiece in the optical path?

Lastly, what is the "output" end? Is it a thread, if so, what sort?

A picture would be worth a thousand words they say.

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