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Schaurig kalt, lässt der Phantasie freien Lauf. Wunderbar!


Danke !

So kalt war das gar nicht nur echtes Hamburger Wetter mit Nieselregen.... aber die Stimmung der durch die Nacht hastenden Passanten und auch der Nacht an sich war so.... deswegen hab ich das Bild auch so angefasst....


Vielen Dank für´s Anschauen!

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    • By Tom1234
      For Using Leica's Historical line of Manual Focus Leica-M Lenses
      are the Leica SL, SL2, AND Nikon Z6, Z7, Bodies Essentially Equivalents?  
      Same Ease Of Use?  
      Same Easy focusing?
      Ease of Carry?
    • By chris_tribble
      I never thought I'd be asking this question, but when I look back at the use I've been getting out of my kit over the last 6 months, it feels like one I need to address.
      I now have SL2 + 24-90 / 90-280 + Sigma 45 + Voigtlander 15 v3.  This feels like a remarkably competent system for the kind of work that I can do during the pandemic.  No theatre, no concerts, no international documentart commissions ☹️
      I also have to M10 bodies + Summicron 28 asph / 35 asph / Summilux 50 / Summarit 70 / Macro-Elmar 90 and Apo-Telyt 135.  
      If you'd asked me a year ago, I'd have said that if I only had one system, it would be the M.  A bit of me still feels that way.  I love the images, the size and weight, the discreetness.  But when I consider what I'm using, I find that the SL2 + 24-90 is the one that comes out in the wind and rain.  I love the range of focal lengths it offers, I love the IQ.  OK - I'm not happy with battery life, and I'd be happier with a couple of interface changes (especially Exposure Lock assignable to a button rather than only to the joystick), but these aren't deal breakers.
      Is a life without an M camera in it imaginable?  For the better part of 30 years, it wouldn't have been.  Now, I'm not so sure...
      Anyone else with these thoughts?  Has anyone converted completely? How does it feel?
    • By tom0511
      Aufgrund Umstieg auf SL2 biete ich hier an:
      Leica SL Gehäuse
      sehr guter Zustand, nur privat und sehr wenig genutzt Es war von Anfang an ein Displayschutzfolie auf dem Display mit allem Originalzubehör und Originalverpackung gekauft im deutschen Fachhandel (Fotogena, Worms) Die Kamera kann auch bei mir in Bensheim nach Absprache gerne besichtigt werden. Fragen bitte gerne stellen.
      Am liebsten wäre mir Abholung gegen Barzahlung. Versand bei Vorkasse wäre auch möglich. 
      Bei Paypal müssten wir über die Gebühren reden.
      Wer nicht die 47MP der SL2 braucht, kommt hier zu einem sehr günstigen Preis den Einstieg in das SL System. Die Flexibilität - SL Objektive, M-Objektive, Voigtländer, Nikon etc., der tolle Sucher und die Leica Bildqualität und Bedienphilosophie machen für mich die SL/SL2 zu einer der universellsten Kameras, die man heute kaufen kann.
    • By Coppereye1960
      After many years with Canon 5Ds I made the move to Leica M (240) in December 2016. I’ve chopped and changed the kit around so now I have :
      Leica M10 with 21mm/35mm f1.2 Voigtlander/50mm Summilux, 50mm collapsible Elmar (1954),90mm and 135mm - all Leica unless specified
      Leica Q my favourite camera EVER!

      Leica S-E (typ 006) with a 70mm f2.5, 120mm macro
      Ive even got and use a Sofort and a 1958 M3 single stroke ( used mainly with the Elmar)
      I’ve also had and sold a Monochrom ( CCD Sensor - imho the best rendering)
      I bought the S-E for studio work which due to illness I may not be able to do or at least very little.  I am considering using the S-E as a part exchange on a Leica SL and either a 24mm-90mm or a 75mm lens ( preferable ) and the M to SL converter.
      after a long preamble my question is if I was to trade for an SL should it be for the Mark I or the SL2.

      Obviously I may need to add cash but your thoughts would be helpful.
       I shoot 90% Portraits of which 80% are in the outside world almost street ( hence 75mm lens ).  The other 10% is my abstract art and I would use whatever I need  ( Start with  Q and M3 ) 
      thank you in advance
    • By Haribhau
      Question for SL users: I have the opportunity to trade my Panasonic S1 (that I se with SL glass) for a Leica SL. Of course I will spend some cash out of pocket.  I wanted to find out if anyone has experience with a similar shift and what factors I must keep in mind in going from an S1 to a relatively older (technology wise) camera body.  Also I mostly use this for shooting in a studio. 
      Pic (shot on the s1) for attention. 
      Greatly appreciate your thoughts.  
      Thank you.

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