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Monochrom 246 Battery Issue

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Typical Leica M digital, it can be buggy. Did you use camera long enough so you can say you drained battery sufficiently enough to expect less than 100%. Power indicator is probably something that should be working if nothing else but to prevent draining batteries to zero, i would be concerned myself and would exp3ct prompt fix. You may also consider whether you can live with the anomaly or it is essential to have it working, we already know argument for the price it should be working out of the box.


Do you have second battery to try, eliminate either the camera or the battery.


My M246 is buggy but hey I enjoy shooting with it from day one and don’t have time to list all small annoying electronic niggles. Sending to Leica is no guaranty of a fix and my 2 year warranty is probably expired now. Learned to live with annoyances and developed workaround / checks so live happy with the temperamental one.


P.s. I would be pleasantly surprised by PM from Leica Customer Services, you can hope.

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Haven’t had this happen yet. I might suggest cleaning the connections? No idea how these measure battery power level, but I would try it. More than likely faulty internal sensor though.

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