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Lens caps for Leica T / TL lenses

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Sorry to plug up the works with a query about a tiny part...



Besides the rear-cap that comes with a T or TL lens, what other Leica rear-caps work on T / TL lenses?


Does anybody know where Leica caps can be bought for under $40 US?




There are third party caps, but apparently these do not secure well.




Will the rear cap of TL 18/2.8 pancake fit on other TL lenses, or is it shallower than those used on other (beefier) TL lenses?





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I believe that Leica uses the exact same rear end cap on all TL and SL lenses.  I don't have my lenses in front of me at the moment so can't tell you as an absolute certainty, but I'm pretty sure they standardized.  I certainly haven't tried to keep the same cap on the same lens and I have never run into an issue.  Because of the short flange spacing on TL/SL lenses, the rear elements almost can't stick out of the body of the lens at all.


As far as where to get them, not sure if there are any sources other than Leica itself.

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I have bought many third party rear and front cap and usually they work just as the Leica one.

Currently I have put step-up rings on all my TL lenses so they are all 67mm and I have bought the cheapest 67mm front cap I could find and it works totally ok.

Regarding the price of these caps on eBay I think it is not hurting much to try to buy one and see how it works for you.

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