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I am about to make the way of Saint James. For obvious reasons, I want to reduce weights and encumbrances, so I think to leave at home Q and M10 and prefer the CL. At the moment I have only 23 mm, I should think of the zoom 18/56?

Depends in what you want to photograph. I do amost all of my travelphotography with the 23.
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+1 on the zoom. It’s wide to tele range is even more versatile on the CL with the camera’s strong high ISO abilities.


There’s nothing “kit” about that lens.


It has typically been my most used lens for travel with my T. The CL gives it even more reach and purpose.


AF is nice to have on vacation...


Enjoy your trip.

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The CL with the 18-56 is a very versatile combination for travel.  


The only downside is probably that the 18-56 is relatively slow (and with no OIS) so for indoor photography you will very quickly hit high ISO values.


I would take both if you can.

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The 18-56mm is only 255g. That's not alot of extra weight.


I went on a 4 day hiking trip (nothing like the Camino) with an M240 + Voigtlander 40/1.4 and Voigtlander 21/4. Was great and it covered all my needs. That combo totals 991g. WIth M10 and that lens combo, it would be 971g. The CL + 23 + 18-56 would be 811g (so a difference of 160g). Purely in terms of weight, it's really not that much difference between M10 combo and CL combo (assuming you use same lens combo).


But in reality when hiking for such a long period, there are many other considerations such as ease of use, including how easy/fast to take camera out from bag to use, weather sealing, convenience of AF, weather and for me, ease of handling in hand - the CL feels so much easier and lighter even though it's 257g lighter (body only), and it feels less chunky.


Anyway, I wish you safe travels and would love to hear about your adventure and see your photos from the Camino as I plan to go one day ........

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Both if you can.  It's not like the 23mm is going to add a lot of weight or bulk.  That way you have something for low light if you need it.  



This is what I would do, if I would not have already more than one 50 M lens and adapter ...

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That setup is fine (so is the 23 by itself) unless you think you'll be doing a lot of portrait work. If you think you want to take portrait style photos of the people you're meeting, and want access to shallow DOF, you'll probably find yourself wishing you had a 50+mm fast prime.

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