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Herr Barnack

Kodak Tri-X pushed to ISO 6400 with excellent results

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I have pushed Tri-X to ISO 1600 with good results but I never though it was possible to go to 6400 without a serious loss of image quality.  Kodak Tri-X is truly a dynamic and capable emulsion; it's all in the processing...


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I am not a big fan of Tri-X at ISO 400, but I also have seen much better results with it when pushed to ISO 3200. 

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Most of the examples are taken in daylight. Only few in moderate low light and it seems nothing for where I want to push my BW at this speed. I'm not considering it as good enough test.

Years ago at RFF forum someone post the scans from Polypan F (dirt cheap surveillance film) exposed at different speeds and pushed highly under normal light. Results where fine.

I did it as well. If you push film during daylight all you do is overexposing it. And film will forgive it.



I prefer HP5+. For price, emulsion and handling. Pushing it not for sensational acts of glory on internet among amateurs

, but just using it where it makes sense. Low light, street photography.


HP5+ @3200 at night. Quick, proof JPEG1 scan:







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