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Results Survey Color Management 2017

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A few months ago I started a survey about color management. Here are the results in English.


» Ergebnisse auf deutsch hier


About 750 forum members from the Leica, Systemkamera and Fuji X Forum participated.

Here are the results:

What are you doing with your best pictures?

  • 28% of respondents print out their best pictures themselves
  • 42% have them printed by a service provider
  • 24% show their pictures mainly on the internet or on the monitor
  • Among the 6% of those who selected "Other", photobooks and presentation on a television are very common

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Do you process your pictures?
  • Nearly 3% do not edit their pictures at all and use the JPEGs directly from the camera
  • 15% make small adjustments like brightness, contrast and sharpness
  • The majority, 77%, of the participants edit RAW data according to their own ideas
  • The majority of those in remaining 5% who selected “Other” decide whether to edit from picture to picture

On which device do you mainly edit your pictures?
  • Most participants edit their pictures on a desktop computer
  • 20% use a laptop
  • Mobile devices are barely used (0.4%)
  • 2% use configuration e.g. from laptop and external monitor

What kind of monitor do you use?
  • 30% use the built-in monitor, e.g. from laptop and iMac
  • 28% use standard monitors
  • A proud 42% have special EBV monitors!

Have you previously had pictures printed by a service provider?

Of the respondents, only 12% have never printed anything at a service provider. Out of the remaining 88%, participants have previously ordered the following...
  • 61% have ordered photo prints
  • 57% have ordered photo books
  • 41% have ordered large pictures e.g. on aluminum dibond, acrylic or canvas

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How satisfied were you with the print quality of the service provider?

66% of the customers were satisfied with the quality. Those who have been unsatisfied mentioned the following problems.

  • 23% color reproduction
  • 17% shade too dark
  • 5% lights in image lost
  • 11% mentioned problems such as transport damage or that color saturation was too high

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How do you rate your "Color Management" knowledge?

The self-assessment on the subject of "Color Management" has a wide range knowledge:
  • 5% have no idea
  • 20% know it exists and have very base knowledge
  • 29% have basic knowledge
  • 22% have good knowledge
  • 23% have a calibrated workflow

Where do you use color management?

Approximately 21% do not use color management at all.

Of those that do, their devices are calibrated by:
  • 75% the monitor
  • 27% the printer
  • 22% the camera
  • 29% the printing service provider

Your subjective impression: What has improved with Color Management?

Just under 6% had the impression that there was no improvement through color management.

More than half of the interviewees found a better quality of printouts (55%) and a lasting image impression on monitors and printouts. 36% had less waste on printing and 14% had a faster workflow.

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What surprises me is that, while a large majority use monitor color management, so few use camera color management.  Making camera profiles is so easy.  And you no longer have to worry about C1, ACR, embedded, etc profiles, none of which are right for your camera / lens combination.

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