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M2 with 28,35,50,75,and 135mm frame lines??

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Hi, I have found something on my M2 I ordered a couple months ago off ebay to have something very interesting. The camera that I have is an M2 serial number 993880, but in my viewfinder I see 28,35,50,75,and 135mm frame lines which I know is not normal. It looks almost exactly like an M4. My thinking was that someone must have had the RF repaired with a newer M series framelines, but the black seal is still intact (although it could be fake now). If anyone has any information about what i now own i would be very grateful as I am super confused to be owning a camera that shouldn't exist haha. I attached pictures of what the VF looks like.





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Some service techs will replace the wax seal, but don't emboss the original "L" on it, but may use other symbols. Since these frame masks didn't exist when the camera was made, the VF was clearly upgraded (or downgraded depending on your view) later.

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