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So, does the T/TL/TL2 have a future?

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I believe there is room for both cameras.

I also wish the build and UI of the TL2 with a built in viewfinder and AF speed of the CL, add OIS and weather protection

The CL is faster and smaller, the TL2 is more beautiful, better to hold and has a great intuitive user interface.

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I am optimistic about the future of the TL2.

Clearly Leica had parallel development going on between the TL2 and CL. That is no small feat for a small company. They wanted to make an investment in the APC-C market that could capture both new and traditional Leica enthusiasts. The recent story in LFI pretty much confirms this.

It would have been easy for Leica to cut their losses and invest all of their energy in the CL. They chose not to do that.

I think we can expect firmware updates to bring the TL2 into parity with the CL with respect to autofocus. I suspect that as a small company the CL got the most recent software work.

I've put my money where my mouth is, and just placed an order for the TL2. I have a T and the Visoflex EVF currently. I love the flexibility and UI of the T/TL2 platform.


Is the LFI content only available to paying subscribers?  It sounds like the article would be an interesting read.


With regards to your optimism about the future of the TL2 (and obviously without reading the article) I am afraid I don't share it.  I hope that I am wrong though...

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