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CL FAQ ... "How do I do such and such?"

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Try pressing the center of the 4-way controller. That changes what gets shown on the EVF and back display.

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How to disable Video selection?

ūüė䬆I do not need the video function and prefer it to be excluded from button selection.¬†
For instance, with M-adapter-L, a brief press on left button selection button would enable selection between A--M--Video modes. Many times during night the video mode was unintentionally activated.

Thank you.


On 6/20/2019 at 7:54 PM, lct said:

Not sure how i could manage to activate the video mode unintentionally given that i'd have to press the left wheel button at a first step and turn the same wheel afterwards for this purpose but i don't know if it is possible to remove the video function from the button selection sorry. I would guess it is not.

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How do I use the Histogram in the Viewfinder optimally to reduce noise in night shots?


On 8/21/2018 at 2:40 AM, jaapv said:

Determine your main subject, and watch the histogram. Specular highlights can blow out. That means that you aim the camera at the point that you want exposed optimally. Then turn the EV comp. wheel to get as full a histogram as possible, the "mountain" should be high and more or less in the middle. A spike squashed against the right represents your blown highlights. You must interpret whether you are going to accept them. In a night shot I usually do. Disregard a spike against the lefthand side, those are blocked shadows.


In Photoshop optimize sharpness and noise in ACR at 100% Use the alt/option key. Mask carefully.

When processing the image go to curves and pull up the middle of the curve to brighten the midtones. Click OK, go to curves again and apply linear contrast. 

When finished, go to sharpen, set amount to 20, radius to 50 and threshold to 1. Go to "edit" and fade sharpening by 100%.

This will increase "presence" without emphasizing noise.



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