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Leica CL Android and iOS apps

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Thread for reporting on the iOS and Android apps for the CL.


I’ve got the CL app installed on my iPad and my Samsung Note 8 Android phone.


On the iPad, things work pretty smoothly. It’s fairly similar to the app for the M10 but with a few interface differences. Bizarrely to get to the list of images on the camera’s memory card from the app, you need to select the “remote control” function on the app which is weird. When there you can select “Play” to see the images. Download is a bit sluggish (full size jpegs).


The Android version is rather sketchy. It will connect to the camera, but it won’t download images from the camera at all. After selecting a couple of images to download, the app says “downloading 1 of 2” but sits there, no progress bar at all, and eventually freezes and crashes to a blank screen and needing to be restarted. The camera reports “wireless connection interrupted” or something like that.


Oddly once this has happened (I need to re-test this a few times) using the Android app, the camera’s focus method changes, with no input from me, to touch screen focus from spot focus. Very curious.


Actually, thinking about it, I reckon that the app puts the camera into touch screen focus mode to enable the app to “drive” the focus of the camera by recording and sending the camera the focus point selected by the user in the app. That would make sense. And when the app crashes, it doesn’t elegantly put the camera back the way it found it (or the camera doesn’t put itself back to how it was before the connection). So even though I don’t do anything on the app other than try and download images (no remote shooting), the app is overriding the camera settings and they don’t get put back in a crash situation by the camera.


So Leica - some more work to do on the Android app please!

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Just done some more testing and I have confirmed that the problem with the Android app and the CL is repeatable. Upon app crashing, the camera does not return focus settings to how it was prior to the camera connection, and the focus type is left on touch-focus.

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I got my CL delivered yesterday but the implementation of the iOS app for CL is rather poor.


Not feature wise but the procedure to sync is awkward. It uses a so called iOS profile but the app should have used Settings/Wi-Fi for adding the CL to a the iPhone network. So much easier to understand.


Why is the CL not visible always and how do you have to make connection with the app every time. IMO  Q code only pop ups once



Also I don’t understand how to add a second device (iPad) which could sync with the CL.

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You need to connect separately because the phone can’t differentiate between various connections like your car etc.

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