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Ok - call me crazy, weird, mad, bored, out of focus, trend follower - what ever you like. 

I have it.
Sorry - only iPhone photos. 
Unpacking and first impressions:
  1. Beauty - compared to many others.
  2. Impractical - compared to state of the art in handling.
  3. Unique - compared to many nowadays bubble-swirly-something bokeh cameras.
  4. Unexpected - in its characteristics and rendering.
The beauty - I like it’s look on a silver M.
Yes - it’s impractical. Turning the aperture ring means turning the focus ring too. Too much rotation for focussing. Hood fixing - OMG. Removing lens cap means removing hood unintentionally. So it gives an idea what photography meant in 30’s…. However - I accept it. It’s an impractical beauty. 
And the first guy I showed it said: „Wow - a real historical camera an looking brand new!“ 
Unique - as far as I can see after just a few shots in the city. I have a Petzval 58 and a Meyer Görlitz Trioplan 100mm. I’m going to sell them now to make my Thambar a little bit cheaper to me. Because it’s far beyond these lenses. All these "swirly-bokeh-pieces" are nothing against the bokeh and the glow of this lens. 
Unexpected - in street lights at night wide open IMO shows an ugly and a beautiful side:
With center spot filter ugly rings or donuts.
Without interesting glow around lights and nice or at least acceptable bokeh-bubbles out of focus. 
Yes - it is sharp - even wide open - eh - somehow. Kind of „soft sharp“. Low micro contrast but letters can be read - in center. To me it's really amazing.
And as mentioned - glow everywhere where a bit of light comes across. 
In short:
This lens is crazy. And I seem to become Thambar-crazy. 
Unfortunately the subject which this lens is made for - portrait and nature - I can't take before later this month. Of course I’ll show some examples here then. 
For the moment I have just a few shots made on my way from my friendly dealer - and just to see the effects of rendering. 
After all this partly boring examples in the web I hardly dare to add some others. 
OK - I do. 

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Glow 'round lights and letters... 

With crop - also wide open.

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First people - beauty for everyone...


Wide open no post development except crop a bit. 

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Isn't that rendering amazing?

With crop.


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Glow / CA - everything - I cannot describe that correctly in technical terms... 

Anyway - impossible to use the usual adjustments in lightroom - best is leave the lights as they are... 

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And last: Light-comparison between ugly donuts center spot filter and quite OK bubble bokeh... 

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Option 1: Buy Thambar. Cost = £10,000

Option 2: Buy a ND filter. A smear of vaseline will give a soft focus. Cost = negligible.


Hmm, I wonder what I'll do? 

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