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Need a battery compartment for an R8 - where to find?

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The R8 I purchased on eBay came with the motor and that's great. I would, however, like to get the standard battery compartment for the R8 for times when I don't want the extra weight.


Can anyone recommend a source for this part? I have been in touch with Dave Elwell of Leica Camera in NJ and he says there are no such parts in stock in the US or Germany.


Thanks in advance,




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There is a current eBay listing for a used R8 battery hand grip.  The seller is Team-Foto.   Price seems reasonable. 


Thanks! That item didn't come in in my English search on eBay so thank you very much for checking on the German listings.

I just bought it.

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Thanks! That item didn't come in in my English search on eBay so thank you very much for checking on the German listings.

I just bought it.



Glad it was available and you got it.  


Its hard to find some of these pieces apart from the camera.  I was looking for an R8 motor winder alone and made a deal with an eBay seller who listed one together with an R8 camera.  He was willing to sell me the winder without the camera at a reasonable price.  After the sale, he re-listed his camera minus the winder.  

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