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Nearly a year with the M246


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Wow! Love your photos. They really illustrate the points you made in the mini review. Thank you



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Thank you so much Paul:)


Stunning images!


Thank you Jeffry!


I recognize your experience - only my photos aren't nearly as good as yours. They are very good indeed!


I think you are being too humble now Mr Fjeld:) But thank you for your kind words:)


Outstanding images. Makes me want to reach into them and touch those mountains.



So nice to hear Colin! All I did was pressing the shutter. It was the mountains and the weather that created the magic:)

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Stunning images Andre,beautiful endorsement for dedicated monochrome camera. Difficult to single out single image or single subject, maybe #3 as my particular favourite. Both arctic landscapes and urban scenary are equally captivating.


If i didn't have M246 already i would be seriously tempted.

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Great story Ole, and some superb B&W's.

Stunning subjects & tones.


all best...




Thank you so much David!


Amazing photos! Hard to decide which I like best. They are all good. May I ask which lenses you used?


Thank you Frank! So many different lenses!


1. Zeiss Distagon 35/1.4

2. Leica Summicron 75

3. Zeiss C-Biogon 21/4.5

4. Zeiss Distagon 35/1.4

5. Leica Elmarit 28 ashp v2

6. Leica SEM 21/3.4

7. Leica Elmarit 28 ashp v2

8. Leica Summicron 50/2 v4


As you see I have tried quite a few different lenses on this camera (there are others as well). The Distagon 35/1.4 was fantastic - perhaps the best I have tried - but in the end I sold it because of its size. I replaced it with the Elmarit 28 Asph v2, which in my opinion is equally good for landscapes. 


My favourite lens though, is the Leica Summicron 75 AA. I am always amazed to see how this lens draws, for portraits and for landscapes. 

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