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Best all round portrait lens for R system with breaking the Bank


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Having used a pair of M3 bodies and 50/90/135 since 2007, I was tempted with an SL at a bargain price a few years ago. I’d been curious about the R system and started learning about the Leicaflex trio. I got a 35/2.8 and then a second body, both very cheap as they had dud meters. Experience with the M3s and handheld meters greatly assisted me. I then collected the other three lenses released with the Leicaflex in 1964 - 50/2, 90/2.8, 135/2.8. The 90/2.8 is my portraiture lens and sometimes the 50/2 for full length. All are three cam. My boyfriend sold off my Nikon F2 bodies and lenses and this helped with the expense of buying lenses. 

This year I became interested in autoexposure and purchased a pair of Leica R8 black bodies.  What a difference to my slow and primitive technique with handheld metering. 

I’m very grateful to ‘masjah’ John Howarth of Hull for the very positive experiences he relates after using the R8/R9 cameras. This encouraged me to take the plunge with fully automatic, battery dependence. I don’t think I’ll be having an R9 as they still command a stiff price due to being the last of the R series. 

So many thanks John.



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