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Leica CL - the image thread

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Am 21.12.2018 um 18:42 schrieb LocalHero1953:
It is very difficult to take photos of the Taj Mahal which are different from the billions of others that have already been taken.
All taken with the CL+18-56TL or 60TL.

It is difficult, but you made it! I am deeply touched while looking!

THX, Andreas

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On 12/21/2018 at 4:39 PM, bags27 said:

Forgive me for posting a photo from a Q, and and an old and not very good one at that, but there are no roses in bloom right now to take a picture of. It has just been announced that David Austin, the magnificent cultivator of English Roses (of which this is one), has died. I am so very, very sad that someone who has brought such extraordinary beauty into this world is no longer with us. A true Shropshire lad.



We have numerous David Austin Roses in our garden, and received the news with sadness too, although he had a pretty wonderful innings, 92 and leaving so much behind.  His nursery is only around thirty minutes drive from our home and I remembered a couple of shots from my last visit in August, (CL 35 1.4).  It is a beautiful place to shop, or just wonder and sit taking in the smells and delights.  In various corners of the garden you can also find some wonderful sculptures from his wife Pat Austin who died in 2007. 



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And on a happier note - I would like to wish you all a Very Very Merry Christmas.  It is a true delight to be a member here, see all your wonderfully inspiring shots, read well mannered, well intentioned helpful comments, unlike other forums you may come across.   Not one but two cards for you to chose your favourite.  First one, because I have been helping out at my Daughter's shop and print room, hundreds of these been coming off the Heidelberg, this just shows the hot foil part left on the press after print.   The second, received from some friends who know my husband well, and know it's  where he see's us both in the not too distant future (in his dreams)!!! Have a good one people, very best wishes from Shropshire.


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