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    • By Jacek.PL
      LEICA SUMMILUX-TL 35 f/1.4 ASPH., black anodized finish , bought as new in Leica store. It's in great condition. I rate it cosmetically a (93%). The focus is smooth, the autofocus and aperture function properly, and the glass is clean and clear with no haze, marks, or fungs and scratches.  This lens includes a Leica lens pouch, a Leicalens hood , front & rear caps, and the original instructions & box (full factory set).
      payment: paypal or wired transfer to my bank account.
      Shipping: UPS express saver (2 Busness days) - 70 EURO-with international tracking
      https://en.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-CL-TL2/Lenses-for-Leica-TL/Prime-Lenses/Leica-Summilux-TL 35 mm-f-1.4-ASPH


    • By Herr Barnack
      This is an old-ish (5 months) review, but IMHO it is worth reading if you are on the fence with regard to purchasing the M10 Monochrom.
      This camera costs a lot of money, but make no mistake:  There is no other camera even remotely like it being made anywhere in the world.
      Hands-On Review of the Incredible Leica M10 Monochrom
    • By Jacek.PL
      LE11082. Owned from new                (LAST 3 DAYS)
      Excellent - Fully working, in great cosmetic condition.The lens has a smooth focus and clean glass
      Looks like new. Includes boxes, caps, and paperwork from Leica.
      delivery – free- 7 business days or 80EUR-2 business days (UPS with international tacking)
      Payment: bank transfer to bank or paypal
    • By me.daveobrien@gmail.com
      Hey all,  was curious about how the technical aspects of the Zeiss Biogon lenses ( 25mm or 28mm ) would match up with the CL + adapter. Im between either of those or the TL 23mm Summicron. Main use cases being travel and street photography.
      The image render from the Zeiss seems almost better than the 23mm but worried that it wont perform as well on the CL vs a dedicated lens. 
      Has anyone used both on a CL or T? 
      Thanks in advance.
    • By strangeboy
      My beloved M-E is currently in the hospital in Allendale, NJ, for a corroded sensor replacement.
      The cost of this, as most of you know, is $1,595 + shipping.
      I also had the option to upgrade to the CL (body only) for the same price. The CL offers a host of technological upgrades, better low-light performance, blah, blah, blah. And in full disclosure: I told myself this was the right move to make... that lasted for about an hour.
      The thought of being without this instrument which feels so pure and so aligned with my film photography actually made me nauseous.
      I passed on the CL.
      Here's a pic of "my precious" mounted with the beautiful Canon 50mm f/1.8 (Canon Seranar).
      Carry on.

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