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Inspired by the old hollywood glamour

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    • By Superdan138
      Leica Noctilux E60 M Mount Lens

      I am selling my beloved Leica Noctilux lens. It simply does not get enough use and is just sitting in my closet so I figured it would be a good time to make somebody's holiday very grand by offering this up for sale. It is in great used condition with just some minor marks here and there. It comes with the lens, 2x caps (front rear), hood and a Leica Keychain. Let me know if you have any questions. Serious inquiries only. $5650USD shipped in CONUS via FedEx with tracking. superdan139@yahoo.com is my email.

    • By Holger1
      Verkaufe ein neuwertiges Noctilux-M 0.95/50 ASPH (Best.Nr.:11 602) ohne sichtbare Gebrauchsspuren.
      Das Objektiv kommt im Karton mit Front-u.Rückdeckel und der Anleitung ohne OVP.
      Laut Produktübersicht 01/2019 liegt der Neupreis bei 10400,-€
      Dies ist ein Privatverkauf. I only send within EU
    • By Supercooper
      I'm thinking of selling my summilux 50 and summilux 35 (both last ver) in order of getting a new 50 noctilux.
      What do you think? 
      1.i still need to add money
      2.i will stay with one lens
    • By Alex Krasotkin
      Turkey. Alanya
      Leica M9, Summilux 50/1.4 pre-asph

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    • By Torontoamateur
      I am in a quandry, It's driving me nutz!!! I have decided to purchase a Noctilux 0.95 and I went down to the "local " Leica dealer to finalize my purchase. I expected that all Noctilux were Black, But I was WRONG!!! He showed ma a Silver Noctilux.  That blew my mind!  I had Expectations. but now I had to Decide ... Again.. And its not an easy decision. No Sir!  My M240 is silver and my M6 is black, so is my M4-P . my Zeiss Ikon is Silver  . A TIE!!! now I need your sage advice. What finish? The stealth black? Or the Glamourous Silver?  What would you do ? And of course Why? 
      P.S. The Sliver would match my hair colour.
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