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Rome Challenge - The Results

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It is my pleasure to confirm that we have a "run away" winner of the One Challenge this year.


Congratulations to Pete Farnsworth for his winning shot, Nr 23, "The baby in the bubble".



Congratulations also to Lars for his "Piazza di Spagna"



and Tony (all the way from Vegas) Nievera, who was third with Nr 19 "Keeping tourists safe at the Pantheon, Rome".



I will arrange for the €240 (or an agreed equivalent in £) to be paypalled to Pete tomorrow.


Thanks again for everyone's contributions to another great Challenge.


Here's to Lyon in 2018


[i will announce the winner of the Night Challenge tomorrow...]

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Congratulations Pete...such a moment we all hope to capture. Luck favours the prepared.


I was dissapointed with my Australasian One entry...got almost no votes (wrong image really)...but the point is, the camaraderie and the chase. We all remember our fellow friends and the very comfortable times together.


Great you all had a wonderful time.


all best..

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It warms my heart that two of my favourite photographers and travel buddies pulled off the accolades. Well done Pete and Lars. No small effort from Tony in third place. So congratulations to all three.


It must be said that all entrants were tough competitors and it would have been easy to select otherwise. Competition is sooo arbitrary, when in fact all entries were commendable. Well done all!


Also, thanks to Andy for organizing and coordinating, even though I was unable to be there. I do know how onerous your task was.

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I am so glad to have joined this challenge, tough to compete with good entries from others, thanks to all who voted for my entry, I am happy to earn enough votes to place third place on my first challenge.


Thanks to Andy for organizing the event and contest.

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Congrats Pete, and well done to Lars and Tony as well

standard of entries this year was very high.
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I am genuinely humbled to win the Leica One Challenge for a third time and amazed but extremely happy that my picture received such excellent support.  My congratulation to both Lars and Tony for the well-earned placings of their excellent pictures!  Thank you to Andy for organising the Challenges and the dinner, so ably assisted by Ann.  Thank you to everyone for your contributions in picture form or for simply being there and making it such a pleasant weekend!  I regret not being able to spend enough time with you, my friends, this year but I look forward to remedying that next year if not before!


MacMillan Cancer Support does such a wonderful job of comforting those unfortunate people who contract this awful disease and help and guide them at a time when they're at their most vulnerable and in need of help and understanding that I have decided to donate the prize to MacMillan.


I'm already looking forward to seeing you all in Lyon (and I really hope that means you too, Erl!) next year and hopefully welcome some new faces too.  À bientôt, mes amis!!



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Congratulations to the winner, and I also applaud the excellent use of the winner's price. Congratulations and a big thank you also to the 20+ other winners, it is always a joy and a very special occasion to see you in your natural habitat. And a special thank you to Andy, who's organizational talent really holds this event together.


Looking forward to the Lyon Challenge


Rgds. Christoph

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