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Barnack's Monthly for November 2017 is: Doors, walls, windows.

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•  Rear window of a VW Beetle "Ovali"  •  1953 - 57  • 



•  Leica IIIa syn  •  4.0-21mm  •  Ilford Delta 400  •  Coolscan  •  Vuescan  •  Frankfurt  •  April 2014.  •

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Sadly the end of the month has come around again and the 110th Barnack's Monthly thread has to close but we managed a MAGNIFICENT 1,336 pictures and interpretations of this month's topic.  THIS IS A NEW RECORD and beats the old record by more than 330 pictures!


Thank you to everyone who helped make November 2017's Barnack's Monthly another success by either posting, thanking, or just looking and I hope you enjoyed doing it and will do so again. A special thank you to those who posted for the first time in the thread and, if you did, please post more because we'd love to see your pictures!

The theme for Barnack's Monthly for December 2017 is: "Reflection" and you can find it at this link

I really do hope you will follow the link and post some of your pictures.

Thank you all again and see you in the new thread! 


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