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    • By Leica001
      Leica M10 Monochrom. Fully boxed with all documentation and in as new condition.

    • By cj3209
      I was excited to get a pre-owned M9 Monochrom in excellent condition with very few shots and a new sensor.  Good looking camera, I have to admit.
      Coming from a Q2, honestly, the control/settings layout is a bit dated.  But the pics show promise (I have to go out and shoot more).
      And the mechanical shutter sound and the file write delay...whoah.  The settings offer two modes:  soft and discreet.  Both are so loud, forget about using this camera for wildlife shooting - it would scare away a bear.  And the slow file write is...interesting. 
      But if the pics live up to expectations, I can accept the annoying and tinny shutter sound.

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    • By jonnyboy
      For sale my beloved Leica Monochrom with the sought-after CCD sensor.
      Great conditions overall despite the age, screen is immaculate with a screen protector fitted from day one. There are some usual wear and tear around the body but nothing too drastic, there is a very small dent in the bottom right frame of the screen - barely noticeable but I thought I'd mention it.
      It comes fully boxed with 2 original batteries and 1 third-parties.
      Obviously with the updated sensor (CCD 53) and with 13400 clicks on the shutter.
      This returned from Wetzlar few days ago with a brand new main board, as well as usual:
      -software adjustment
      -clean sensor
      -adjust range finder
      -adjustment of all parts
      -cleaning and end control
      I'm looking to fund a M246 which I recently tried and got me hooked, so if anybody wants to swap I will offer some extra cash - otherwise a straight sale is fine.
      I would prefer a UK sale for speed and security but we can find a way if abroad.

    • By piran
      Did you need the yellow filter for the clouds? Could similar or same be achieved post? Having specified a Q2M I wonder whether I should be looking out to fit yellow or orange glass in front of all that nice Q2M design?
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