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LHSA AGM Chicago

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Thanks for the article and photos! For a while I lived a block behind the Hancock center. Your photos brought

homesickness. Chicago is a great city.

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    • By antonioxrosa
      Anyone know where can I buy a Wotancraft Ryker  Small Brown in Europe? I have been able to find an online shop in Netherlands but they do not have stock. And, I am trying to avoid to import due to the taxes and customs. Many Thanks
    • By Wolle
      Zum Verkauf steht meine neuwertige M10 in Silber
      Die Kamera ist in einwandfreiem Zustand. Da ich die Kamera tadellos Verkaufen möchte wurde sie von Leica in Wetzlar überprüft und der Sensor gereinigt.
      Die nötige Dokumentation von Leica liegt vor. Werksgarantie besteht noch bis Mai 2020.
      Interessenten melden sich am besten per Telefon unter: +49 171 32 123 23 oder Email: wolle@sundivecenter.com
      Dies ist ein Privatverkauf. Keine Rücknahme und Gewährleistung!
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      I have a Leica M10 with a sum micron 35mm since last year and I am wondering if I could use my Nikon 50mm ai 1.2 lens with it. I now that there are convertors but not sure how focusing will work with the rangefinder. Anyone has experience on this combo? 
    • By antonioxrosa
      I have a Leica M10 since April last year combined with a summicron 35mm. Since last month I add a summarit 75mm 2.4 to the family. I am facing a couple of issues since then and I am not even sure if they are related. When I put on the 75mm for the first time the camera did't recognise the lens, than after moving in the menu to manual and then again to auto again the problem was solved. Latter I started to have a new issue. On a random basis  the buttons ( Menu, Play, Lv) does't work. Everything else work perfectly. It can be only a perception but I started to come to the conclusion  that after switching to the summarit 75mm the problem tend to appear. Today it happened again after having been using the 75mm lens for a while.  but this time on a permanent way. They do not worked at all.
      After several attempts I realised that pressing the shutter at same time the buttons ( Menu, Play, Lv) worked. 
      Then, after have redding about the internal battery, I kept the Leica switch on during one hour. The problem seems to have disappear. However   I am affraid that, if I switch again to the summarit 75mm that the problem will re-appear.
      Anyone have experience this type of issues?... Any clues on the causes or on the solutions?
    • By ADrake0506
      Presently I own the Leica M262, Q and CL.  I've been wondering if I should pull the trigger and get an M10.  But I'm not sure if there will be a significant difference with image quality, when comparing it against the Q and/or CL.   I absolutely love the Q and haven't put much time into the CL - other than the lack of battery life I like.  When I look at photos from others, I have to remember they are posting their very best images and most include some post work.  
      I'm not a professional and I am new to the Leica family.
      Just hopeful to get a variety of feedback from those who might have different levels of experience and knowledge.
      Thank you
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