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Recommend an E6 and C41 Processing Lab in the UK?

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Having finally found an excellent E6 processor in France (Photon Labs in Toulouse), who not only processed all 6 rolls of Agfa Precisa perfectly but they did it promptly as well, I would like to find the same in the UK. The two people I have used in the last couple of years, both so called professional labs in Brighton, Sussex were hopeless at both C41 and E6. One scratched every film and the other one must have been using ancient chemicals as the colours of Velvia all came out in shades of khaki. They both replaced my films FOC but that does not replace the photos. The E6 is more important to me than C41, as I take a lot more E6. 


I now develop my own B&W in all Adox Rodinal chemistry so it is only me to blame if they go wrong but I am hesitant to branch into E6 or even C41. Not least because I am not sure if there are any Hydroquinone-free E6 or C41 kits and I am HQ intolerant. 



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Sadly there is no Snappy Snaps near Lewes, where I am in the UK. I am not sure they do mail order. I would have thought there would be one in Brighton but apparently not. The local photostore who used to be Leica dealers in Lewes, H. A. Baker, use the pro shop idiots in Brighton. 




PS A company I had heard very good reports of is John Salim Photographic. I know he was the only person who could process 15 foot lengths of 70mm E6 of which I do have one cassette of Ektachrome. He only does E6 and B&W. Anyone used him? 

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I used to use Peak Imaging a lot, until I found a good local lab to me "The Darkroom" in Cheltenham.

They mostly do mail order, but will also take films across the counter. Turnaround is quick.

My niece also sends in her films, from whichever university art course she happens to be on...



No connection, except as a satisfied customer
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