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M9, M9-P, M-E photos. Post them here...

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I came close to buying an M9-P this week but in the end opted for the M-P (240). These results were lovely in their colour rendering though:


Adam by Greg Turner, on Flickr


Behi by Greg Turner, on Flickr


The camera in question (which is still available) was in the Leica Manchester store (fabulous shop, truly excellent service from the guys there as they stayed back over 90 minutes after closing while I made up my mind and tested various options) was in pristine condition but was £2600 and didn't have any box. It just felt a little too much for an M9, even if it was in perfect condition.

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One of the last images before complete sensor failure. 

 Camera is off to Wetzlar.

M9 w/ 28mm Elmarit-M ASPH (11606) and Schneider ND102

ISO 160 1/125s F8 converted to b&w from DNG


High noon at the Great Salt Lake Marina with a view of Antelope Island and the lake

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