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What do we photograph on the streets?

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On 1 June 2019 at 2:18 PM, colint544 said:

I would echo what Pete says about not being secretive. It's surprising how receptive most people are to having their picture taken, or being included in a scene, if you are just open and honest about the fact you are taking a picture.

I went to a street photography exhibition a few years ago. It was pictures shot on the streets of the same city I work in. The angle the photographer had on the accompanying blurb was that he had been thumped and attacked quite a few times by his subjects. I've no idea what his approach was, but it's not something that's ever happened to me.

I was once photographing into the sun at Central station, just going for silhouettes and long shadows in the early evening sun. One of the silhouettes marched right up to me and demanded I delete the picture because he didn't want to be in it. I showed him the image on the back of the camera, just to prove that it really wasn't just about him, and deleted it according to his wishes. There was no problem.  

Have a look at this guy - I could never operate to this extreme, or indeed desire the sort of pictures he goes for, but he's a great example of what you can achieve by not being sneaky in your approach, and just really going for it.

Ah yes, that's Jhon Bosch, 'The Warrior'. He used to post on the forum quite frequently, but not seen anything from him for ages.

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10 hours ago, robgo2 said:

Does the beach count as street?

Leica CL + Summilux-TL 35 f1.4

Not sure about your question but I like tones.  Smooth and relaxing.  

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