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What do we photograph on the streets?


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Thank you all very kindly. Agree that shooting film on the streets is the hardest of all, because of the very low success rate. But when you have a piece of film containing something hard-won, that you’re pleased with, it’s also the most rewarding of all, better than just having a digital file.


That first picture, of the lights in the fog, was shot on an M9 and Noctilux E58,wide open at F1. I no longer have either the M9 or the Noctilux. Don’t really miss the M9, but there are times I wish I still had the Noctilux.


Second picture of the figure at the doorway, under the tower blocks was shot on an M Monochrom mk1 and 35mm Summilux ASPH FLE.


Third picture, of the wet street, was on my M2 and 28mm Summicron ASPH mk1, on Ilford HP5 pushed to 800 ISO.


Fourth picture, I’m afraid to say, was shot recently on a Canon 5D mk2, with the cheap plastic Canon 50mm f1.8 lens. Rare that I didn’t have my Leica that day, but I was on my way to shoot something else for someone, so only had my ‘work’ gear with me. Lens was stopped down to F11 to get some motion blur, and it really shows how filthy the sensor on that camera is. And yes, that shot is WAY overcooked, especially in the corners.


The shot of the face in the window was on the M Monochrom mk1 and 35mm Summilux ASPH FLE. I was stopped at traffic lights in the car, and noticed this person looking through the window of the car next to me, and wiping the window. Camera was in the footwell, luckily not the boot, and I jsnatched this picture just before the lights changed. There wasn’t time to put the camera to my face and focus, so I just set the distance to ten feet, pointed it through my window, pressed the button and hoped for the best. I think it was still set to F1.4. It’s not pin sharp, but I think it’s just on the acceptable side of useable.


Thanks for all your input, and do feel free to add your own pictures.

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