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Sanho Colorspace UDMA 3

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I just bought one of these on eBay. It was new but cheap.


It came without an installed drive and I picked up a 500 GB SSD drive from Amazon and installed it.


Installation was pretty straightforward and the unit booted up perfectly first go.


However, – two reasons why you should buy one:

the screen is extremely fragile and in fact a finger pressed against it while I was tightening the screws after having fitted the drive, produced a crack in the top right-hand corner of the screen. No mobile phone or camera I have ever come across has ever been so fragile.


Secondly, even maximum brightness, it really isn't bright enough to display your images very well at all.


Other than that, it works well. It is responsive. It deals with DNG files very well and very quickly.


It has a Wi-Fi function although I haven't tried it yet and it is only "N" standard which means it is certainly not the fastest nowadays.


It really would have been a perfect device. It's light and only the size of a rather thick mobile phone.


However, the fragility of the screen makes me really worried about it for the future. Although it still works, there is a small area in the top right-hand corner which doesn't display.


Amazing nowadays that this device doesn't have a sturdier screen.


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