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Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg, facade 

M9 with 35mm Summicron

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Very nice. Beautiful neutral colors. Did you correct perspective lines in PP?

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    • By raxnitz
      I wonder if others had the same problem: I have a 2nd SF 24D that I use regularly with my M3 on A setting, no problem. Now, recently I obtained an M9 and tried out the 24D with it but it instantly switches to a flashing ISO 3200 and an LGN of 45. This cannot be changed by the +/- buttons, nor anything else (such as f-stop). This occurs in A and M setting (TTL/GCN I can forget - it doesn’t work at all with the M9 but reminds me to switch to A). 
      The odd thing is that it resets once off the M9 and then the settings can be used just as normal. I tried it also on a friend’s D-Lux 5 and his ancient Digilux 2 - the former works fine on A,  the latter produces the same problems as with the M9. 
      I usually am fine working on A or M since I normally use the 24D as a filler flash but even that doesn’t work with the M9 under these circumstances. 
      Thanks very much
    • By strangeboy
      I'm interested in hearing from anyone whose made the move from an M9/M-E to a 262.
      How are you feeling about your decision?
      I've recently replaced the sensor in my M-E, which included a full CLA from Leica, NJ. It feels like a new camera, but I'm also reminded of the only gripe I've ever really had about it: Limited ISO performance. I max out at 1200, but even that can turn a Summer afternoon into a snowy day in B/W. I'd love to (when necessary) shoot between 1600 & 3200 without the resulting photograph becoming an exploration in Pointillism.
      In addition, weather sealing and the larger sensor seem like a plus.
      Let the CCD vs CMOS debate begin!
      So good people...
      What say you?
    • By :hinting image
      Started a new blog and shared my experience with M10 and a vintage Elmar 35mm. Comments and feedbacks are welcome.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!  
    • By vickersdc
      Leica M9 fitted with 5cm Summar lens.
    • By vickersdc
      Leica M9 fitted with 5cm Summar lens.
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