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    • By Jacek.PL
      LE11082. Owned from new                (LAST 3 DAYS)
      Excellent - Fully working, in great cosmetic condition.The lens has a smooth focus and clean glass
      Looks like new. Includes boxes, caps, and paperwork from Leica.
      delivery – free- 7 business days or 80EUR-2 business days (UPS with international tacking)
      Payment: bank transfer to bank or paypal
    • By Per P.
      I am selling my RRS L-plate for the Leica SL 601 due to lack of use. This is a modular plate in two parts, so you can use the baseplate on its own or attach the L-component to create a robust and tailormade L-plate. Everybody knows the quality of RRS and this plate is no exception. It has marks of use around the screw that connects the two parts but otherwise only the lightest marks of use. It comes with a magnetic allen-key that attaches underneath the baseplate and will be shipped in the original small box.
      Price from new is €175. My price is €55 plus shipping from Germany (around €15 within EU countries incl. UK). If you want to use PayPal I will need to add €3 to cover the costs.
    • By M Kenya
      Samburu Elder In The Time Of Corona
      Leica SL
       APO-Summicron-M 75 f/2 ASPH

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    • By Robert E
      Hi guys, could someone please help me to understand the lens designations written on the lens by Leica?
      Example: I had an SL, now have an SL2. With the IBIS I wanted to try some different lenses available. So I purchased a TL VE 55-135mm zoom lens. Now I realize this lens was made for the TL or CL camera, which is an APS-C body. So, the lens has embossed on it: "55-135" and of course on the box and paperwork. When you look at the description of the lens, say online at B&H, it says: "35mm equivalent of 80-200mm". So I'm assuming they mean on a 'cropped' body of a TL or CL, it's an 80-200mm? If so, why is it labeled 55-135mm?
      When I use it on my SL2 it automatically goes to APS-C mode, which I also understand, and the images are great. But what am I getting? A 55-135mm focal length, or an 80-200mm FL? I'm only interested in what it actually is on an SL2? If it is indeed, 80-200mm, why do they even designate the lens as: "55-135mm". When is it a 55-135mm lens? I'm confused on that.
      Any help appreciated and sorry if this is a dumb question, I just don't understand it?
      Robert E
    • By Jacek.PL
      I am selling a lens bought in the Leica Store in Warsaw. I am is first and only owner.
      the lens looks like new. The focus is smooth, the autofocus and aperture function properly, and the glass has no marks or fungus and no dust. It's a full factory set. This is private sale. There are no returns.
      Shipping via UPS express saver : 90 EUR/80 GBP- (includes international tracking and insurance)
      Payment by PAYPAL or bank transfer
      The full technical data is below:

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