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Leica Q Review - Going Wide

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Very good review - nearly exactly what I like and dislike about the camera. I really miss an articulated screen, The X-T2 was perfect that regards with the ability to tilt even in portrait mode. Actually, I think the face detection works very good - but I like the exposure compensation that comes with it on the Olympus cameras. Well, nothing is perfect


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Nice review!   As someone who traveled three days after receiving the camera, and learning in the field...  I shoot in manual and found this wonderful.  I also, surprisingly, shot more than half the time in manual focus!  I say surprisingly because of the other two cameras I have owned (Lumix  and Fuji (still use the Fuji, x-e2), I could never really use manual focus.  With the Q, I set that back button for focus, on spot focus center.  With the easy on/off to get in and out of manual/outo focus, I could change in an instant.  My only comment would be, I wish the manial focus wasn't so  sensitive.  Someimes I touch it trying to get the f-stop and it shifts into focus.  It would be nice if it was a little less sensitive, and if, when moving the f-stop ring or shutter speed, it would switch off (as well as maybe depressing the shutter halfway).


And, I, to shot for 30 years with only a 5omm lens.  On my Fuji I have a 40mm, and love it.  the 28mm is a challenge!  : )



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Always good to see a solid review with images, written by someone who knows what they are talking about.

And yes, the Q has a very discreet shutter.

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Excellent review since it totally agrees with my experiences with the Q. :-)


I'd love to have a "tilty-flippy" rear display and an OLED EVF.

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