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Image Shuttle Enhancements Required

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I'm a professional that shoots tethered 99.9% of the time (with H'blad). I segued to the SL system via the M240 hoping that I could sideline the Hasselblad in favour of the SL because the IQ from the SL is so very good and not every client wants or needs 150mb files.

Then I tried Image Shuttle. Oh what a disappointment. It bewilders me how a company such as Leica can seriously expect todays professional photographer can tolerate a tethering software that is so very basic. And this is the same software they expect S shooters to use.

Canon tethering software back in the early 2000's was feature packed compared to Image Shuttle!

At the very least Image Shuttle requires the ability to override the auto orientation of the camera. If you require the camera to be pointing perpendicular to the horizon, the software can't decide whether to display the live image as either portrait or landscape. Easily fixed with a simple check box!

Or, a grid overlay - which can be displayed on the back of the camera but not on the tethered live view!

And why do I need four zeros in the imaging numbering - could I please choose how many zeros I need.

And not to mention the convoluted Lightroom folder hierarchy which results in there being a delay of 7 - 10 seconds for a single shot to display.


Please Mr image Shuttle Developer, please have a look at the competitions tethering software and give us some basics before you shout how "professional" the SL and S systems are. Or go into a studio and see the workflow requirements by pro studio photographers. The SL has beautiful IQ and it saddens me I have to pick the right sort of jobs to use it where I don't require anything from the software other than to look at the live image. I can't migrate my clients that are used to the Hasselblad Phocus experience to the Leica experience because it is such a retrograde step in software features.


Anyone agree?



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