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Using Angenieux R lenses on a Leica SL


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I have the 35-70 mm and 70-210 mm Angenieux R lenses that I use on my Leica R9.

Can I use these lenses on the new Leica SL with the proper R-T adapter in place?

I read that some 40 R lenses can be put on a Leica SL but I see no mention of the Angenieux line of lenses.

Does anyone have any comments or experience with this issue.

Thanks again.


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I think the notion of "compatibility" in Leica's listing for the R Adapter L is linked to whether lens profiles are available for a particular lens, and to whether Leica feels fitting the lens onto the adapter might cause damage to the ROM contacts. Folks have told me that the latter criteria is not a concern ... I don't know one way or the other about that, I can't test for it because all my lenses are three-cam models that are definitely compatible. Whether a profile exists or not does not prevent a lens from mounting and working fine. (All 3-cam, ROM, and R-only lenses are definitely compatible, physically.)


I still use the stacked M Adapter L/R Adapter M setup, mostly because I bought it long before the other adapter was available, it works, and it doesn't cost me another lump o' cash. It does vignette a bit with extreme bellows extension for macro work with the Focusing Bellows-R, or with very long telephoto lenses, but both those situations are pretty infrequent issues that I can live with for the present. I'll eventually spend for the R Adapter L simply to have a single adapter with less likelihood of slop in the connection to the camera. 

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